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We are here for you

Alli Addiction Services was established in 2013. We are partnered with multiple substance abuse treatment programs across the United States. We are here to help individuals take the first step in their recovery by answering their calls and questions and ultimately discovering the best program that will change their lives.

Alli Addiction Services works to find a program for you or your loved one based on their needs and treatment options available. When an individual calls in they are connected with an intake specialist. The specialist gathers information from the individual such as who they are, what they are struggling with, what services they are looking for, and any information about insurance. Once determining this information, they are then able to verify insurance, if they have any, and find the program that will work best for them. If the client does not have insurance, the specialist can help to give other options and programs for the individual. Once a program has been selected, we can help to get the individual to the program and get any documentation they might need.

Detox Services

Sober Living

Residential Inpatient

Mental Health

Outpatient Services


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