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Co-Occurring Disorders

An alcohol or substance use disorder treatment plan for an individual with a co-occurring disorder that does not address said disorder will only result in repeated failure for the client. Without proper diagnosis of a mental health disorder, treatment progress can be slowed and the individual can not fully recover from their addiction. This can also make relapse in the future more likely as they haven't addressed the underlying reason for the user's addiction. A substance use disorder coupled with one or more mental health disorders can cause significant damage to your life. In addition to participating in a residential program, clients with co-occurring disorders receive specialized care by certified medical and clinical staff who work together to correctly diagnose and treat underlying mental health disorders that may be preventing them from a successful recovery. Co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders are far more common than most people realize. Evidence shows that when an individual with a dual diagnosis receives treatment for both disorders, outcomes improve for both disorders.

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